Each spouse must complete a minimum of 10 hours of marriage education if both are marrying for the 1st time or 20 hours if either is marrying for a 2nd time or 30 hours if either is marrying for a 3rd time. Courses can be taken in a classroom/ lecture, through self-study, or online.
Extensions of time would be granted for a military deployment or a medically necessary situation. Re-marrying widows are considered a first marriage as they will likely be marrying in a different season of life and will also be an asset to a class.
A tax credit would be given for married couples voluntarily completing continuing education!



3rd party providers such as Faith-Based organizations and institutions as well as other ideologically differing non-profit organizations - based on a State Board of Marriage and Family Therapists developing and maintaining a course approval process as well as a process to limit the cost to consumers.

3rd party providers would scholarship education for people who can’t afford the course fee.

The State Board would contract with their states private Association of Marriage & Family Therapists to develop and maintain a broadly outlined core curriculum addressing everyday marriage issues including money, health, family, communication, intimacy, unmet expectations, conflict resolution, domestic violence, and the effects of divorce on children and adults. Course providers can freely teach as well as add to the curriculum. Only attendance will be graded.

The state is essentially a facilitator / middleman to private education.



In as much as 3rd party course providers would pay the state a fee for course approval as well as scholarship those who can’t afford the course fee, it is estimated there will be no extra cost to the state.


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If children could articulate in adult words what they feel in their hearts, they’d tell their parents things like… Get An Education, Keep Your Promises, Don’t Ever Quit…because that’s what their parents teach them to do, isn’t it?
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The Act on TV & Radio


Kids Against Divorce (KAD), an organization dedicated to giving children a voice, had explored the idea of a ballot initiative and as 2014 began, with an itch to accomplish something – as most people resolved to go the gym – Colorado was chosen as a state to try in because their process provided the most time to complete necessary requirements.

  • On January 13th paperwork was filed to begin placing The Marriage Education Act as an initiative on Colorado’s November ballot. It was never expected this would be the final language because as per statute, a Comment & Review Letter intended to aid proponents in determining the proposal’s language was expected back from the state on January 24th.
  • On January 20th, The Denver Post ran a story, and from KAD’s perspective; a portion of the factual substance of the article was inaccurate. This set off a wave of TV and Radio coverage around the country.
  • On January 24th, a great Comment & Review letter was received.
  • On January 27th, as is not uncommon in this process, the initiative was withdrawn.  In as much as the plan all along was to promote this nationally, it was decided to use what was learned in Colorado to focus on nationwide success in 2016.

The media coverage affirmed the problem. Cases made for both sides, despite a clear understanding of the details, show the need for this to become a nationally discussed issue.  An infrastructure to make this a national issue in 2016 along with continued respectful dialogue will yield a strengthening of marriage in America.


WBIR -NBC/Knoxville

NBC – The Today Show / starts at 8:43 minute mark

KREX -CBS /Grand Junction

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Fox News Channel – The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson

Fox News Channel – Fox & Friends

The Rush Limbaugh Show

TYT University / contains foul language


KDVR – Fox/ Denver

The Denver Post

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