Our Beliefs & Guiding Principles

We want to captivate, encourage, and inspire the hearts of all those married and to be married with a humbling sense of something greater than themselves.*


We are rooted in the notion that divorce affects everyone in America.  You don’t have to go beyond yourself, your parents, kids, siblings, or close friends to have been affected by it. Just as drunk driving had always occurred in great numbers until one mother said ENOUGH, divorce is occurring in overwhelming numbers and one father has finally said ENOUGH! Kids Against Divorce is not against all divorce per say. Rather, it is against all of the reasons which lead a couple down the path of divorce, and moreover it is about embracing your responsibilities to your family. Divorce is a very sensitive subject. It is difficult to make concrete statements regarding the issue of divorce because it’s extremely personal and emotionally driven. Every marriage has a combination of different dynamics, which can create large gray areas where divorce can seem justifiable. Truth be told, the only reason where divorce is truly justifiable is domestic violence. This criminal behavior will NEVER be tolerated. The solution to it all is not complicated – treat each other the way you want to be treated!

*We briefly mention God in our commercial because over 85% of Americans identify as God following in one way or another and half divorce. We also mention “something greater than themselves” above and in saying this, as well as referencing God, we recognize these notions mean different things to different people and in no way do we raise them to define them.



As a united force, we intend to transform the pain and suffering of millions of juvenile and adult children of divorce into one loud voice. Our aim is to speak out on behalf of the daily 4,000 new children of divorce in the USA who have no say. During this most crucial time, these victims remain powerless as decisions are made that will affect the rest of their lives: whether or not their parents stay together.
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OUR MISSION – Our Signature Activity

Monuments have long served as markers to memorialize pain that was endured, honor heroes, and recognize dreams lost – to remind us to never let it happen again. We are planting groves of “Family Trees” across America, which create living monuments. These memorials validate the pain and suffering of America’s Children of Divorce. In addition, the trees help to vegetate America’s dwindling forests as we help tomorrow’s children – America’s greatest natural resource – grow up to inherit a healthier environment.

Plant Your Family Tree in our…

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A note from our founder can be seen through the blog link below.