Our Vision

Transform the pain and suffering of millions of children and adult children of divorce into one loud voice speaking out on behalf of 4,000 new children of divorce each day in the USA who have no voice in the most important decision affecting their lives: whether or not their parents stay together.
Plant Your Family Tree In A KADgrove

Our Mission

Plant groves of  "Family Trees" all across America creating a living monument to recognize the pain and suffering of America’s Children of Divorce as well as help regenerate / revegetate America’s dwindling forests and families - both of which are in need of reforestation due to natural and man-made devastation.
Portrait of Happy Family In Park

Our Plan

Use funds raised in excess of planting costs to help tomorrows children – America’s greatest natural resource – grow up to inherit a healthier environment. There are lots of people and groups all over the country doing great things in Marriage Education, Marriage Counseling, and Legislative Reform. They need a large voice and together WE CAN give it to them!

Our Hope

Groves of  “Family Trees” throughout the USA will represent the deep and lasting roots that connect each family member to one another as well as to every family in our communities.  We have a grassroots spirit envisioning many people becoming involved in a small way - or a larger way if their time and hearts allow.

Our Strategy

All we need now is YOUR PLEDGE.  When a significant number of pledges are collected, we will contract with a national tree planting organization. Then we’ll provide you with all the details. The cost per Family Tree will be less than $20 and you will be able to view the grove’s growth online.
Plant A Family Tree

Our Call-To-Action

Please Plant your "Family Tree" in our KADgrove and honor your dedication to your family, its continual maintenance, and its healthy future growth. We all care about preserving America's families. They need a large voice and together WE CAN give it to them!

Your Call-To-Action

Please help us grow by planting seeds with your friends, family, and colleagues through e-mail, Facebook, and other social media.  Together WE CAN reach our goal of planting one million family trees, and giving children a voice!